Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a student initiate a request?
Yes, if they have a Uwindsor ID.
Q: Is there a deposit affiliated with the request?
Yes, a $50 amount is linked to a request for students.
Q: Are there any charges for FOB?
Yes, a $10 amount is charged per FOB device.
Q: How do I login (must have Uwin ID)?
Yes, you must have Uwin ID.
Q: Cannot find a room #?
Check with the department approver.
Q: My request got cancelled
Check with your department approver. There must be an error in the application.
Q: I need to access room number from another building.
As long as it is from same department. For access to rooms from a different department, a separate request must be submitted which will be approved by the person from the respective department.
Q: Who is my approver?
You can get details of names, office phone number, e-mail of the approved from the office secretary.
Q: How do I know what room/s I need?
Should be discussed with the department approver.
Q: How do I get a new expiry date when access card expires?
Have the department approver send e-mail to Key Control. If urgent then have approver call the Key Control office.
Q: My request is not being processed.
Check with approver.
Q: Where do I view all the keys that are attached to my name?
Look under My Keys.
Q: How do I request area master key?
Identify the need in the notes field. It must be approved by the department approver.
Q: Where do I pay my deposit?
At Key Control located in the Maintenance Services building at 2601 Union Street.
Q: How do I pay my deposit?
Only by Debit or a Credit Card.
Q: Can someone else pick up keys for me?
No. You have to pick up the key(s) yourself. Must present the University of Windsor Identification.
Q: How do I request key if system is down?
Talk with either of -> your supervisor / department secretary/ coordinator / advisor / department approver.
Q: Who fills out requests for contractors?
Project Administrators or Project Manager.